A Six-month Group Coaching Program for Serious Course Creators
Ready to go beyond the beta and see 6- or 7-figure success with your online course?

Maybe you’re about to build your course and you have big dreams for what your online course could be.

Or perhaps you’re about to launch your course and want to stay on the path to profitability.

Or perhaps you've already launched and you're thinking "Now what?"

You know you don’t want to lose momentum in between launches; you want to gain momentum (and followers).

Whichever applies to you, a few things are for sure:

You are serious about your online course.

You are committed to big results and you want to take your course as far as it can go. You'd love it if your online course was the backbone of your successful business. 

You aren’t dabbling in online courses or simply dipping your toe in to see if maybe this could work.

You KNOW this will work.

But you also know that what got you here won’t get you there.

And you probably suspect that what you do in between course launches is almost as important as what you do during course launches (yet you’re not sure what you might be missing).

(Does this sound like you?)

If you want to reach the next level -- the one from your wildest dreams -- you need next-level support and next-level strategies.

Enter: Launchpad.

Launchpad is a six-month group coaching program for serious course creators who are ready to go beyond the beta and take their course to 6- or 7-figure success -- whether they’re just getting started or they’re already established.

Inside, you’ll get next-level support from my team and next-level strategies from me.

And because this is an application-only program, you’ll be surrounded by only the most dedicated (and highly ambitious) fellow course creators.

You’ll get a free pass to pick my brain and get my behind-the-scenes strategies --

-- the stuff I don’t share in any of my other programs (including The Course Course).

That means you’ll get actionable insight into how I was able to…

...Scale my online course company to a MILLION dollars in profits in just 18 months…

...Significantly grow my audience in between launches...

...Create a customer journey that keeps my students coming back for more (and buying all of my courses)...

...Balance big business goals with even bigger personal goals -- all while still growing the revenue from my courses…

...Build an army of affiliates and brand ambassadors who do a lot of the heavy-lifting for me…

...Collaborate with my team and develop an efficient workflow that allows us to complete projects and produce content far faster…

...And more.

Don't put your dreams off for another day.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call today. The deadline for new applications is November 29.

By being a part of Launchpad, you get the insider access to all of that --

-- And not just access, but the actionable strategies you need to implement all of this in your own business.

Listen: If you’ve got big dreams for your online course, you can’t -- and shouldn't -- do it alone.

If you’ve been secretly wondering:

“What do those super successful 7- and 8-figure course creators know that I don’t know?”...

Or if you’ve gotten through a launch or two and you’re wondering “Now what?”... 

Inside Launchpad, we’re moving beyond the beta.

It’s not magic… buuuuuut it’s not obvious or Googleable either. It’s better than that. 

It’s about what happens in between launches, not just during your launches.

It’s about next-level support and next-level strategies.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “So what do those ‘next-level strategies’ include?”

Maybe you’re already in The Course Course, and you’ve thought “This is it! This is the top! This is all that Courtney has to offer.”

Au contraire, my friend. The Course Course is just the beginning.

(This is good news!)

OR maybe you’re not in The Course Course…

Maybe you’re just getting started and haven’t even created or launched your course yet, but you want to hit the ground running and get it right the first time.

Either way, inside Launchpad, you’re getting the best of the best of the very BEST I have to offer.

This is the stuff I’ve never taught publicly or in any of my previous courses or programs (including The Course Course) -- until now.



Biweekly group calls

The Peacock Method
The Content Triangle
Semiannual retreats
The Launch Retrospect
The Launch Amplifier
Private group
The Bot Boost
Affiliate + publicity training

"But what do all those things mean?"

Let’s break it down.  Launchpad includes:

What metrics really matter? (And which ones don’t?) And how do you take your results from one launch and decide what your goals should be for your next launch? 

Inside The Launch Retrospect, I’ll show you how to critically assess your previous launch, determine your key performance indicators (KPIs), set your launch date (whether it’s your first or your fifth), and set some serious goals. You can’t make progress if you don’t first set goals to measure your progress, and that’s exactly what we do with the Launch Retrospect.

(Fillable KPI spreadsheets with benchmarks are included to make this easy-peasy for you!)

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What can you do to ensure you don’t lose momentum in between launches? And more importantly, how do you continue growing your audience and amassing leads for your next launch? That’s the exact problem that The Peacock Method solves!

This robust but easy-to-implement system is our guaranteed way to develop engaging, consistent social media and e-mail content that captures more leads while establishing brand awareness and brand authority.

Just like a peacock fans its feathers to seek attention, your content will (figuratively) do the same: You’ll create one piece of content that can be “fanned” out into DOZENS of other pieces of content across all social media platforms and even your newsletter, all while capturing the attention of your would-be students. 

And did I mention this adds little to no extra work to your weekly schedule? SERIOUSLY.

Letting your list grow cold and ghosting your followers means an uphill battle when you go to launch (we don’t want that!). 

If you want to stay top of mind and continue building momentum in between launches, The Peacock Method is where it’s at -- and it’s only found inside Launchpad. 

(Easy-to-use templates and spreadsheets are included. These alone are worth the investment in the program!)

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Ah, the magic of messenger chat bots. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, but chat bots undoubtedly boost your webinar attendance rate, your click-through rate, your conversion rate, and more -- for free. The data doesn’t lie. 

And while you can’t measure top-of-mind awareness with an exact number, the effect of bots on our beloved T.O.M.A. is significant.

The good news? You can utilize bots in a follower-friendly way and keep your leads engaged and lining up for your next launch. 

Inside the Bot Boost, we’ll give you low-tech bot flows and strategies so you can maximize your organic reach and engagement with your content, livestreams, and webinars.

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When it’s time to re-launch, you want to improve three major components of your course: your course content, its presentation, and the student experience. 

In The Course Content Triangle, you’ll review and improve all three components through a few specific exercises -- exercises that will allow you to view your course through the eyes of its students (rather than its creator). 

After completing these exercises, you’ll have a plan to quickly update your course, thus improving your offer to would-be students and improving your content for current students.

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The Launch Amplifier could be a course in its own right, but it’s included in Launchpad (and it includes strategies we don’t teach elsewhere!).

Essentially, we’ll take what you created with your first launch and amplify it. We give you a step-by-step system so you can get granular and improve on every aspect of your launch, from your promotional materials, e-mails, videos, and webinars to your sales page and sales processes. 

By getting a 360° view, you can then go in and address any specific issues or needs and make improvements for your next launch (which means more sales and a higher conversion rate!).

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Affiliate programs are one of the fastest and most effective ways to seriously grow your audience and revenue -- not to mention your credibility. You can turn happy students into even happier brand ambassadors by providing them opportunities to promote your course on your behalf!

However, there’s more to an affiliate program than simply snapping your fingers and sending affiliates a few links:

Affiliate programs can be a lot of work, but I can show you how to simplify the process without causing a major headache for everyone involved and set up your affiliates for serious success.

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Social media, ads, and affiliates are awesome... but then what? What’s next if you’re trying to scale your course?

In this training, you’ll get a process for pitching and getting publicity in podcasts, publications, and more, even if you’re just getting started. This can dramatically increase your brand awareness and build know-like-trust in between launches (not to mention during launches). 

And since most publicity opportunities are totally free, pitching for publicity is a no-brainer! (I’ll show you how to make it easy.)

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Yes, members of Launchpad also get access to our acclaimed program, The Course Course! If you've never created and launched a course, this will be your starting point when you join Launchpad. 

The great news? With the next-level support you get inside Launchpad, you'll speed through The Course Course and launch within just a few weeks. After this beta round, you'll then gain access to all of the other trainings inside Launchpad so you can immediately begin planning and preparing for your next launch.

Inside The Course Course, you’ll develop and validate your course idea (through our proprietary methods), you’ll create your content and engineer it for student success, you’ll grow and prime your audience, and you’ll launch your course out into the world -- all while using our fill-in-the-blank templates and workbooks for all your launch assets, including: webinars, video series, marketing e-mails, social media posts, ads, sales pages, and more.

As you can see, Launchpad doesn’t shy away from offering you cutting edge launch strategies and growth systems, but we’ve also engineered this program so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

We deliver the trainings in order of importance so you don’t unlock the next strategy until you’ve finished the previous one. This ensures that you do the work -- and in the right order.

Ok, so maybe you’re now thinking “Those next-level strategies sound fabulous, but what’s this whole ‘next-level support’ thing about? Why would I even need that?

Here’s the kind of support you can expect inside Launchpad:


Twice a month, you get a free pass to pick my brain inside our group calls. This is your chance to ask questions, get feedback, and even share your work for a different perspective to help you as you create, launch, and re-launch your course.

While we offer support to all of our students, Launchpad provides a level of support beyond anything else we offer.

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If you’ve ever been to an in-person summit before, you know this: Meeting virtually is great, but NOTHING replaces the magic and momentum of meeting in person. What you learn from live events sticks with you and impacts you for long after you’ve gone home.

Our two-day semiannual summits (two per calendar year) will put you on the fast track to reaching your course goals. Includes planning, masterminding, and workshops.

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Beyond the support you get at the retreats and in the coaching calls, You’ll also have daily access to a private group. This is the place to go to ask any questions you have in between calls as it relates to creating, launching, and re-launching your course. 

I’ll be present in the group daily -- along with my team -- to answer your questions and give you the feedback you need.
  • Bimonthly calls (12 total)
  • Semiannual summits (one during your 6 months)

  • Private group

  • The Course Course (the complete program)

  • The Peacock Method

  • The Launch Retrospect

  • The Bot Boost

  • The Course Content Triangle

  • The Launch Amplifier

  • Affiliate Program training

  • Pitching + Publicity training

  • And more!

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Don't put your dreams off for another day.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call ASAP.

The deadline for new applications is November 29.


Hi, I'm Courtney Foster-Donahue, creator of Launchpad!

I'm a business and marketing expert, a 4-time entrepreneur, and a many-times-over course creator. 😉

Using what I've learned after building a multi-million dollar online course company and going from 0 to 7 figures in 18 months, I've packaged my exact step-by-step system inside Launchpad.

Essentially, Launchpad is the digital playbook of a multimillion dollar course creator. I don't just teach you how to create and launch your course (though that's a huge part of it); I also guide you every step of the way so you can get your beta launch under your belt, and then move on to the next launch and beyond.


What do you mean by “group coaching”? How is this different from The Course Course?

The Course Course is a course; Launchpad is the next level. The Course Course contains an incredible, proven system for creating and launching a profitable online course in just a few weeks. Launchpad contains all of that -- and more.

If you’re just getting going, Launchpad will give you the support (and extra strategies) that we simply can't provide you inside The Course Course.

And if you've already created and launched your course, Launchpad gives you what you need to move beyond the beta and set your sights on six and seven-figure revenue goals (with your online course).

Scaling a course isn’t simply a lather-rinse-and-repeat of your previous launch, and what you do in between launches launches is just as important as what you do during launches.

So, we don’t just give you the proven launch strategies; we give you the big picture -- all with unparalleled member support, in-person events, virtual events, and more.

Can I join Launchpad even if I haven’t finished or launched my course yet?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. If I had it my way, everyone wanting to create and launch an online course would join Launchpad the day they choose a course idea! 

So, we love to have established course creators who are ready to move beyond the beta, but we also support new course creators who are serious about the success of their online course and want to hit the ground running.

I created Launchpad with my favorite features from my favorite programs in mind. Essentially, I created what I wish I’d had when I was first developing and launching my courses. 

I know that if I'd had the level of support and the strategies I'm sharing in Launchpad when I first got started in online courses, I would have seen more success sooner. 

Good news for you: My experiences with building a multimillion-dollar online course company have given me the opportunity to give course creators what I didn’t have.

(Hint: That's what's inside Launchpad. 😉)

Does Launchpad cover evergreen strategies?

We’re big fans of evergreen funnels around here, however we have learned from experience that a course should never go evergreen until it has successfully been launched three times. So, like its name suggests, Launchpad is focused on launching -- not evergreening.

For us, going straight to evergreen isn’t just a bad idea; we believe it’s irresponsible. If you go evergreen too soon, you can't get the fast feedback you need to improve your course and your student experience in a reasonable timeframe. So ultimately, you are not serving your students in the best way. (Not to mention that going evergreen too soon can be a major zap to your resources.)

With three launches under your belt (using our system), not only have you refined your course content but you've also refined the sales process, and you’re far more equipped to scale your course in a variety of advanced ways.

Ultimately, we don’t want you stuck in maintenance mode; we want you to see serious growth, launch after launch, as well as in between launches. That’s what Launchpad gives you.

Don't put your dreams off for another day.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call ASAP.

Who is this right for? 

Launchpad is ideal for two types of people:

  1. Established course creators who want to move beyond the beta and set their sights set on six or seven-figure revenue goals with their online courses.

  2. New course creators who are serious about creating and launching successful and profitable courses and need the support and strategies to do so. 

Who is this wrong for?

Launchpad Is not a good fit for people who are approaching course creation as a hobby. If you're just dabbling, Launchpad will be a waste of time and money for you. 

To be clear, you do not need an established course, audience, or business to be right for Launchpad. However, you do need a serious level of commitment with serious goals in mind.

What if I want to stay after six months? How does that work?

At the end of your six months in Launchpad, you can request to renew for another six months (or more). Once you're accepted -- barring you don't break contracts -- you're welcome to continue renewing as long as you need the support and strategies inside the program. 

And best of all, the longer you're in Launchpad, the more content you will unlock. We will continue to provide you more strategies, trainings, guest experts, and more to help you continue to scale your course in the direction of your goals!

I’m already a student of The Course Course. Will I make the full investment if I want to join Launchpad? 

Nope! Students of The Course Course get a special rate. Simply begin your application, and our team will notify you of the rates for TCC students.

Don't put your dreams off for another day.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call ASAP.

The deadline for new applications is November 29.

How much is this going to cost me?

Let me put it this way:

How much is continuing to fly solo and trying to “figure it out” costing you? 

How many sales are you losing because you’re trying to funnel hack and follow the breadcrumbs of other successful course creators? 

And what if you did know what other super successful course creators know about moving beyond the beta? What if you could have access to all of that insider info? What if you could build a million dollar business through your online courses?

All of that is possible when you invest in Launchpad. 

To get started, simply fill out an application, and a team member will contact you. 

If accepted, your investment will be $1,250 per month for the 6-month program or $6,000 if you opt for full-pay. (For students of The Course Course, you receive special pricing: $1,100 per month or $5,000, full-pay.)

This investment gets you access to the entire launch system, all of the strategies and trainings (including the Peacock Method and the Launch Amplifier), biweekly coaching with me, a private group, an invitation to our members-only retreat, and more.

Full transparency with you (because hey, you’ve read this far):

Launchpad is a bigger investment than all of our other programs combined. 

This is by design.

I know that when I've got skin in the game, I take things more seriously. Simply making a bigger investment brings me bigger accountability. Which leads to bigger results. 

But with Launchpad, you don't just get accountability, you get it all.

So, we priced this program to give us only the most committed people -- the people who want to scale their online course to six and seven figures and beyond.

We appreciate anyone who wants to create an online course (because we think it's a brilliant idea!), but we only offer the highest level of support and our insider strategies to those who choose to invest in Launchpad. 

We're not playing around here. 

After all, we're building empires. 

And we hope you join us.

And if you're still reading this, you owe it to yourself (and your online course) to take the next step, book your call with our team, and see if Launchpad is right for you.

The deadline for new applications is November 29.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call ASAP.


Do you want to figure out how to have a profitable online course… 

Or do you want to have a profitable online course?

The difference between those two questions is what separates serious course creators from hobbyists (and if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re not the latter).

The days of figuring it out on your own are done.

Ready to go beyond the beta and join the ranks of 6- and 7-figure course creators?

It’s 100% possible for you and your course.

But I want to help you make it probable.

Let’s do this.

Availability is very limited. 

Apply today to get the ball rolling.

Don't put your dreams off for another day.

If you are interested in Launchpad, book your call ASAP.

The deadline for new applications is November 29.

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